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Each year the Ficifolia Festival brings Drouin alive with colour, excitement and fun for everyone.

It is a Cheap Oakleys week-long festival with events and attractions showcasing many of our community groups and businesses who freely give their time to lots of<span cheap oakleys sunglasses id=”E32″> displays, مبادرة competitions, and events<span fake ray bans id=”E34″>.

The high point of the Festival is on the second Saturday in February with a vibrant Street Parade preceded by entertainment and children’s cheap football jerseys china activities. The Street Parade will kick off at 5pm, and will be followed by musi<span hockey jerseys id=”E66″>cal entertainment in the Park, an Open-air Family Film, and finally cheap jerseys wholesale a Fireworks Display wraps up the big day.

The many community groups and businesses that stage an event are eager to welcome new<span judiciales id=”E80″>–comers and visitors wholesale wholesale football jerseys nfl jerseys to join in, meet new people, and make new friends. These events are all organised by volunteers who are passionate about their town.

So come along, e<span Ray Ban Outlet id=”E88″>njoy your day and get to know Wholesale Jerseys Drouin.

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